• Carbon nano materials

    Main product contains graphene, graphene oxide and carbon nano tube etc.

  • Photoresist material

    Photoresist product is mainly applied in color filter that realizes color display in LCDs. Color filter is composed of glass substrate, black matrix, RGB pixels, overcoat, photo spacer and ITO Common electrode.

  • Pharmaceutical material

    We mainly product the intermediate and raw material drug of anticancer,cardiovascular,antiviral,anti-infection, obesity and diabetes.

  • OLED material

    Main product contains the intermediate and crude product of the functional layer and luminous layer.

  • Liquid crystal material

    Mixed liquid crystal material is now mainly applied in FPD industry, our main product contains the intermediate and single liquid crystal of the middle and high-level liquid crystal with high dielectric, wide-band temperature and low viscosity.

About usMore

Fuyang Sineva Material Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2013 and was funded by China Optoelectronics & Innovation Technology Fund and Beijing Sineva Technology Co.,Ltd.Fuyang Sineva Material Technology Co., Ltd has located in the intersection of Chaohu Rd. and Tianzhushan Rd. of Fuhe Campus in Fuyang.
Fuyang Sineva Material Technology Co., Ltd works on the R&D of photoresist product, LCD, OLED, bio-pharmaceutical and carbon nanomaterials, etc. In addition, Fuyang Sineva has built a stratigy coporation with top-ranking organizations in the world in terms of product techonoligies, production techonologies and clients. We introduced a world leading design of vertical flow process, and built the most automated vertical flow layout synthetic production line and the first colorful photoresist production line in China. The 90% of the process are auto-controlled and the whole process is environmental-friendly, safe, high efficiency and up to the world advanced level. 
50 experts with doctor’s or master’s degree from South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan have contributed themselves to the designing, researching, developing and testing of integrated R&D system.
With the vision to be a world-leading company in advanced materials, Fuyang Sineva Material Technology Co., Ltd. persists in the key values of making progress through innovation, managing the enterprise with integrity and pursuing greatness. We will build an advanced material industry base which provides outstanding products and service to the world and contribute to the progress of China’s modernization and human civilization.


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